Since 1999, Guideline Interiors (GI) has been building its reputation in offering design services in the interior fit out industry. The talented, creative and pas- sionate founding team of GI started by focusing on small-scale ideas and turning them into successful projects. 

With time, our customers’ confidence has grown, and bigger and prestigious projects have come our way. In 2001, with the growing demand in the UAE of the interior design services, GI began their first design section by opening their office in Dubai with a detailed infrastructure that covered the most integral parts of the interior design industry. This marked the first step towards our goal in enhancing our fit out service as well as our design objectives to deliver our clients with the most well designed and quality service. To this end, we work to refine the most efficient process and strive to combine the finest workmanship with the productive aspects of our projects. This requires a high level of specialization in a variety of fields that leads us to support our customers from the birth of their project to its final completion and de- livery. Our execution team works next to architects and designers throughout the various stages of the design to ensure the delivery of each unique, exclusive and tailor-made designed product to the customers.

Our Philosophy

A well-designed interior, in addition to being functional, should reflect the desires and personalities of the people using it. It is a combination of the three sources of inspiration: personality, functionality and originality. So there’s this commitment to access at the cost of standards? At GI, we strive to create unique interiors, with each project serving as an opportunity to create an inspiring environment with a poetic vision of the world, giving tangible form to every emotion defining the interior. We believe it is essential that we perform a comprehensive study of the social and historical aspects pertaining to the design to allow us to provide excep- tionally personalized services. We always study and take these sociological understandings in every creation to enable us to get a fuller, more comprehensive design. In 2008, GI became a member of APID (Association of Professional Interiors Designer), and since then we coordinate our objectives with its code of ethics to improve the interior designing industry in the UAE and in other parts of the world.


Our design approach involves a simple understanding of the client’s needs, materializing their vision in the most economical way possible, never compromising on high material specifications, and ensuring the final design will be reliable and durable. Simply put, we provide interior fit out services with the highest standard of workmanship. From value engineering, procurement, site supervision and excellent project management to all finishes, we carry a systematic approach towards our client’s needs. We want to make sure they always get what they asked for, so we conduct methodical site surveys, recommendations and offer a productive customer care service. From the inception stages of a project, GI involves the design development team and can finalize the initial requirements of a design. We will then suggest the appropriate courses of action to achieve the project’s goal within an estimated time frame and budget, with a guarantee of professional technical standards. The strong control approach over all our projects’ costs and schedules has secured our company’s reputation – during this time, we have also built long-term relationships with our clients. Our experience has helped us pick a select group of exceptional subcontractors, specialists and suppliers with whom we work and that now are part of our growing team.


GI’s domestic projects’ includes work all over the UAE, but we regularly coordinate with international projects, most recently in Sudan and Iraq. GI practices a high standard of professional ethics, engaging with regional and international standards, which are supported by considerable years of experience and a strong scientific foundation. With the increase of demand on Interior Design and Fit Out Works in Sudan, GI open their office branch in Khartoum on the year 2020 as operational by 2021. GI obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate in 2014, gaining the trust and accreditation of our clients and reaffirming the efforts we make to achieve high standards. To this end, GI is affiliated with professional bodies like APID and Society of Engineers, so that we may continue to build more networks and offer support to other companies’ programs. But our local reach is most extensive, where we have completed several projects for governmental authorities (museums, offices, hospitals, etc. ) and private sector companies (hospitality & residences). These projects, combined with the creativity and diligence that the Guideline Interiors team offers, has placed us amongst the leading interior design companies.

Arch. Bashar Al-Yawer

Managing Director

Eng. Mohammed Al-Araji

Technical Director

Eng. Hany Maged

Projects Manager

Mr. Vishwakumar Thulichery

Finance Manager

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